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New Light Recovery Center, Inc.
Client Testimonials... 

The following is a sample of questions and answers from our Discharge Questionaire which was given to actual clients who received services at New Light Recovery Center.

NLRC: Do you feel that treatment at New Light Recovery Center helped?  If so, how?

"Yes.  I was able to get up and maintain my day without having to go out and hustle for drugs and risk the possibility of going to jail."

"Yes.  It gave me access to the counseling and methadone that I needed."

"Yes. It gave me hope of recovery"

NLRC: Were you satisfied with the services? Why?

"Yes.  The methadone made me much more comfortable"

NLRC: Do you feel that the staff was competent to assist you with your problems?

"Yes.  The staff was great, especially the Program Coordinator"

"Yes.  My counselor was very helpful with me.  I really cared about her alot."

"Yes.  They provided me with information regarding educational and work programs."

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